Hostinger Data Center Server Locations

In case you are searching for Hostinger server/data center locations then you are in the right spot. On this page we are going to have a look at Hostinger data center/server locations as well as some great features of their data centers.

Undoubtedly, the data center location is one of the most important factors one should consider while choosing a best web hosting service. Particularly, in case you have a huge amount of day by day visitors, you must have to view the server location of your hosting provider. 

For example, if you are surfing your website from India and the data center is located in India, Singapore or any other Asian country, it will load extremely fast. However, if the servers are located in the USA, it might take some time to load your website.
Hostinger Data center Locations & Server Locations
Let us now learn about the server locations of Hostinger global and Hostinger India.

Where are Hostinger Servers/Data Cennters Located?

Hostinger is the biggest web hosting player in the industry. In case you have been examining the hosting service providers, you might be aware that the majority of the web hosts provide around 2 to 3 server locations. This is the place where Hostinger dominates the industry.

With both Hostinger India and Hostinger Global, you have the option to choose from the 7+ highly secure and state-of-the-art data center locations situated all over the world.

  • United States (US)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Brazil
  • Singapore, Asia (Perfect for Indian Websites)
  • Netherlands
  • Indonesia
  • Lithuania

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Keep in mind, we said, 7+ server locations, correct? The main reason behind this is that their Tier-3 servers/data centers are perfect to target global audiences.

Many people and website owners think Hostinger has servers in 4 data centers but it is not true because there are 7+ servers locations to choose from. We are sure that your doubts will be cleared once you finish reading this entire article.

Let us now discuss the country specific websites of Hostinger.

Country Specific Websites

You might be not aware that Hostinger’s website is available in several versions. Such as, if you visit, you will land on the main/official site. Although in case you are from India, you can visit the Indian ( version of their website.

The primary differences between the both websites are the payment options and customer support language selection. Let us now talk about the Indian version of their website.

When you visit you will see the plans pricing in Indian Rupees instead of Dollars. Therefore this is the primary change in all websites. You will also be provided with customer support in the local language, like you will be able to talk in Hindi and English. You are allowed to choose from 40+ different languages, like Hindi, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

The server/data center location of Hostinger’s remains the same for all versions of their websites.

Furthermore, it does not matter on which country specific website of Hostinger you buy web hosting on, the data center location as well as the hosting plan features will continue to be similar. When it comes to the server locations, there is not even a single difference. 

As we have already seen the Hostinger server locations, we are now going to see a few highlights that you will get with the Hostinger’s data center. 

Top Features Of Data Center/Server Location

It is very crucial to see the data center features. Since the area of the server is acceptable does not imply that the server farm is good. You will likewise need to have a look at the features. So, we will currently view a few features of Hostinger server data centers. 

Daily/Weekly Backups

The server location has to be dependable and reliable. Suppose you are running a paid promotion of Facebook or Linkedin and the server crashes or goes offline, what amount of cash will you lose? Therefore it is essential to get access to RAID protected server/data center. In other words, the server should be safe and protected. When it comes to Hostinger’s server, all the servers offered by them are protected with RAID 10 technology.

Every hosting service offered by them is backed by daily and weekly backups based on the hosting plan you choose. That means your website and its data is completely safe and secure. The website backups are taken by real humans instead of automated systems.

DDoS Protection

Hostinger hosting comes with real-time DDoS protection. All their data centers are protected with DDoS. Therefore you do not have to concern about any malware attacks. 

In the event that you need to get technical. Hostinger has a Wanguard anti-DDoS tool to check and analyze the traffic of your website. Additionally, the website traffic will be screened out with Cloudflare which is available for free of cost with all plans. Prior to the request getting into the hosting server, it should clear the Bitninja security or Imunify360 Firewall. It has extremely solid firewall rules to get the online attack.


It has a blazingingly fast speed. That is the primary concern the vast majority of website owners are searching for. You can indeed check the speed on different web based tools. The normal response time of the Hostinger server is 151 ms which is amazing.

In case you are looking to host WordPress website with Hostinger, it is going to give you more amazing performance. Their modern and world-class servers are crafted to handle 3x requests each second. Thus, the site will not go down/offline even during the rush hours at the moment you have the greatest amount of visitors.

Disaster Protection

Hostinger servers are powered with excellent disaster protection. In the event that there is a natural tragedy that will demolish your server, Hostinger support staff will restore the server in only a couple minutes. There are exceptionally less possibilities of anything eventuality this way however we can not be fully certain about this, isn’t that so? In this way, it’s in every case better to pick the web hosting service which can restore the hosting account earlier. Hostinger International is one of the very few hosting organizations you can blindly trust. 

Few More Features

We should have a brief glance at all the features of Hostinger server farms/data center areas before we move on to the next segment. This may get more technical. Thus, we will not go deeper in this. Rather, we will simply take a brief look of the additional features.

  • Worldwide Datacenter
  • Multi Layers of server caching
  • Daily/Weekly backups
  • Memcached
  • DDoS and Disaster  protection
  • Data redundancy
  • Raid-10 protection
  • Custom control panel (hPanel)
  • CloudLinux, HTTP/2
  • IPV6 Enabled for WordPress websites
  • Litespeed caching with GZIP compression
  • HTTP/2 HTTP/3
  • SSD for excellent speed
  • Wanguard protection
  • Server Deployment in less then 10 minutes
  • Cloudflare & LetsEncrypt Integration
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • 1Gbit lines
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4114 CPU @ 2.20GHz

Obviously, apart from this, you will be given access to the wide range of various essential features , for example, multiple versions of PHP 7+, SSH access, and some more. 

Picking The Best Server Location

The selection of server location is one of the most important factors you need to see in the hosting service. A great many people will choose any data center location considering it is not going to  influence them. That is the blunder mistake they make. 

At the same time, there is a major misinterpretation among website owners. Many believe that choosing a USA based worker will give them the greatest server speed. Indeed, even that is not at all true.

The best server/data center area will rely upon your site’s traffic/visitors and that’s it. 

Based on the location of your website traffic, you will have to choose the closest server for your website.

In case the majority of the visitors are from the UK, you must choose the UK based server location to host your website. Nonetheless, in the event you have maximum traffic/visitors from Asia region then you must choose a Singapore based server for your site.

In the event that you pick the area which is closest to your site audience area, the site will load very fast.

Should You Go With Hostinger Hosting?

In this stage, you might be thinking that you should go with Hostinger hosting or not. 

Hostinger is a leading and oldest web host in the industry. You may have seen numerous website owners are utilizing their services. They offer free hosting services via 000WebHost, a subsidiary of Hostinger. 

Hostinger offers one of the cost-effective ways to get your website online. You can also get cost-effective managed hosting services to create a fully-functioning wordpress website. Hostinger gives broadened technical support for WordPress users. There are many outstanding features that you may like in their hosting. 

They offer numerous hosting solutions ranging from shared to VPS and domain name registration to cloud hosting. You can choose anyone based on your specific

 requirements. The most beginner-friendly hosting option is Single Shared hosting plan. You can host 1 website for as low as Rs.59/month ( or $0.99/month (

There is a custom control panel offered by them to manage your hosting account and website. It is known as hPanel. It is almost similar to cPanel as well as it has an user-friendly interface. The single shared hosting package contains 30GB SSD space and 100GB bandwidth.

Every hosting service offered by them includes all the data center/server features. Therefore, you do not have to worry about anything related to data centers. In case you feel unsatisfied using their hosting service, you can ask for a full refund of the money you paid during sign up within the first 30 days of purchase.


That’s all about Hostinger data centers and server locations for 2021. As mentioned above they at present have 7 server locations. However, you are allowed/free to use CDN to enhance the performance of your site. Moreover, it’s critical to find out which server area you ought to choose as it will be hard to change it later on. You can invest some time here and read this detailed article about How to Pick the Best Server Location for Your Website. Whenever you have made a decision on a data center location, you can buy the best web hosting for your website.

In the event that you have additional queries, you can in the comment section or you can start a live chat session with the customer support team of Hostinger, you will find the solution for your concerns.

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Where are Hostinger Servers Located?

Their servers are located in 7 different areas – UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia and Lithuania. Customers can grasp the benefits of lowest latency and reliability as they deploy in Tier-3 datacenters connected globally.

How Do I Change the Server Location in Hostinger?

After signing up for the hosting service, you can setup/choose the server location in Hostinger. In order to change server/data center location you need to contact their customer support team via live chat.

Which is the Best Server location for India in Hostinger?

As you are looking for Hostinger best server location for India, I would recommend you to choose Singapore, one of the best and closest server locations for Indian websites in Hostinger.

Is Hostinger Good for WordPress Websites?

Overall, Hostinger is an outstanding option for both experienced and newbie WordPress developers. It offers extremely fast speeds and knowledgeable customer/technical support via live chat.

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