Bluehost India Review

Bluehost India Review

Bluehost India Review 2020

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Key Features

  • FREE Domain Name
  • Automatic 1-click WordPress installer
  • Huge Amount of Disk Storage space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • In-built Server Side Caching
  • Free Cloudflare Integration
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

Quick Summary

Bluehost is a leading provider of cloud-powered hosting services to help and support small and med-sized organization succeed on the web. Currently serving more than 2 million websites/blog globally, this hosting leader has now launched in India with the aim to serve the Indian users from Indian data center. is an Indian edition of, where we will be given access to the same cPanel tool, Server quality, features, CPU throttling technology & many other services at cost-effective cost. They are ranked top among the best web hosting India websites.

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Established in 1996 by Matt Heaton, he first conceived Bluehost in 1996. However, he first created 2 different hosting organizations, &, before at last settling on Bluehost in 2003 and has developed quickly to become one of the leading, dependable, and cost-effective hosting service companies around the world.

In 2010, Bluehost web host was acquired by the organization Endurance International Group (EIG), a similar organization that possesses HostGator, iPage and numerous other hosting companies on the web. Suhaib Zaheer was named the CEO in 2017. Now they are offering web hosting services all over the world including India. To serve the Indian customers, they have a seperate website along with an office space in Mumbai, India.

Bluehost India offers a diverse range of hosting services, which are totally intended to assist you with making your site, blog or eCommerce store effortlessly, from hosting services to site building tools. 

Moreover, their hosting plans include outstanding uptime, free global CDN, huge amount of extra spaces, free domain name,enhanced security and many more. Currently they serve more than 2 millions of websites and blogs all over the world.

Since we have shared detailed information about the background of Bluehost, the following segment will be centered around a brief review about Bluehost India. 

We are going to take a closer look at the different reasons why Bluehost India is a favored web host alternative for newbies and businesses. We will additionally review the pricing and features of their hosting packages along with the pros and cons. 

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Bluehost India Pricing, Plans & Features

The most amazing thing here is that with hosting, you are given more than what you will commonly require from cost effective and low cost hosting providers. Given below are a portion of the enchanting features you will appreciate from Bluehost India hosting service: 

  • Simple to-utilize, user-friendly cPanel tool
  • Free site building tools
  • Tons of add-ons
  • SSL certificate
  • Free domain name registration
  • Email addresses
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Global Cloudflare CDN integration
  • Excellent security features
  • Free SEO tools

Presently, we should analyze Bluehost hosting plans in details: 


Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

The basic shared package costs just Rs.199/month. This package includes unlimited bandwidth, 50GB of SSD storage, free site builder, SSL & Domain for free of cost as well as many other essential tools and add-ons.

The cost of the plus package is just Rs.299/month. In addition to the Basic package it offers unlimited web space, websites, Spam Expert tool and Automatic Daily Malware Scan.

The choice plus shared package costs similar to Plus package (Rs.299) and this package comes with unlimited resources along with Domain Privacy and Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic.

The top level Pro shared hosting plan includes:

  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Domain privacy
  • Antispam tools
  • Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic
  • Option to create unlimited email accounts
Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Sites Price
Basic 50 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 Rs.199
Plus Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited Rs.299
Pro Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited Rs.859

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Bluehost India VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting plans offered by are quite similar to their dedicated web servers, despite that, these plans are much more affordable compared to owning an entire dedicated server. Their virtual private server hosting is based on virtual Dedicated servers on various shared servers, fully depending on virtualization technology.

In other terms, a VPS client is going to share a physical web server with few other websites, nonetheless, these websites will never change the server resources and computing power. This is entirely differ from a traditional shared hosting environment, where the hosting experience can be influenced by different sites sharing the server with you.

One of the best things about VPS is that it is quite simple to scale it. In case you are getting a huge amount of traffic/visitors on your site, at that point buying a VPS plan is totally worth it as it will keep on giving you incredible performance along with enhanced user experience. 

Standard VPS hosting costs just Rs.4859/month and includes 2GB of Dedicated RAM, 30GB of SSD space, 1TB Data Transfer, 1 IP address and 1 free domain name.

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price
Standard 30 GB 2 core 2 GB Linux Rs.1159
Enhanced 60 GB 2 core 2 GB Linux Rs.1859
Ultimate 12 GB 4 Cores 8 GB Linux Rs.3659

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Bluehost India Dedicated server is pretty simple to define. You are essentially leasing your very own sole physical machine. This is in maximum cases the most expensive type of hosting solution and ought to be utilized just on the off chance that you really have the huge budget. 

In all other types of hosting service, you will be sharing the web server with numerous other sites and users. Dedicated servers are extremely costly because you are the only one using the entire physical server.

However, in the event that you own a large or enterprise website with a huge volume of traffic every month, at that point a dedicated worker is surely your perfect decision as it will allow you complete control over your server and resources. 

The Standard Dedicated server costs #79.99/month and comes with 500GB of Mirrored storage space, 4GB of dedicated RAM, 5TB data transfer, 3 Dedicated IP’s and a highly secure hosting environment. The cost of Dedicated server is not something that everyone can afford, therefore you should start with Shared or VPS hosting in the initial stage and move to Dedicated server if you think that the resources of your current package is not enough for your website.

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price
Standard 500 GB 4 x 2.30GHz 4 GB Linux ₹4859
Enhanced 1 TB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB Linux ₹6159
Premium 1 TB 4 x 3.30GHz 16 GB Linux ₹7359

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Bluehost India WordPress Optimized Hosting

Assuming that you are going to run a WordPress-based website, in that situation the Bluehost WP hosting is the perfect plan for you to consider. It’s crafted to assist you to take full advantage of the WordPress-controlled website/blog, it additionally accompanies pre-installed WordPress with your hosting account.

Interesting thing about managed WordPress hosting is that this hosting plan is backed by a powerful VPS server, which makes available enhanced scalability, world-class security, amazing performance, top-grade hardware etc.

Keep in mind that there are 2 types of WordPress hosting plans available with Bluehost India, the one is named as WordPress hosting, and is the same as shared hosting plans. The 2nd one is WP Pro – A managed hosting solution for WordPress sites. The cost of the WP Pro package starts from Rs.1259/month.

Bluehost Indian Managed WordPress Hosting
Bluehost Indian Managed WordPress Hosting

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Top Reasons Why You Should Go with BlueHost India

There are numerous hosting companies in the business, so what makes Bluehost India stand apart from the others? 

It’s quite simple to understand, provides almost every hosting solution you would ever need, such as these shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, domain name registration, eCommerce hosting solution, VPS, and dedicated web servers.

With their managed  web hosting services, everything related to your technical requirements will be taken care by their support staff, includes the following: 

  • Regular updation of WordPress plugins
  • Updation of WordPress core
  • Monitoring of server security
  • Software installations
  • Malware scanning and removal

However, beside these amazing advantages, here are a portion of the other highlights we like in Bluehost India hosting.


Amazing Loading Speed

While searching for a perfect hosting provider, one of the most important measures you need to consistently pay special consideration to is loading speed. It influences the experience of your clients as well as the search engine ranking of your site.

As per the research conducted by Strangeloop Networks (Site Optimizer tool) indicate that 1-second delay in site loading can lessen your site conversion rate by 7%. Furthermore it will bring about a 11% loss in site traffic as well as a 16% decline in user satisfaction. These statistics are something to be concerned about. 
Strangeloop Networks Loading Speed Analysis
For this reason, after server uptime, the 2nd most important element that can greatly affect your site’s prosperity is the loading speed of web pages. What’s more, the hosting company you pick frequently plays an important role here. 

Surprisingly, Bluehost India archives an outstanding loading time of 330ms on average. 
Bluehost India Server Response Ttime

Low Introductory Offer

Bluehost has one of the least expensive hosting pricing on the web. Also, you are going to get all that you need to easily host single site at that madly cheapest cost of Rs.199/month, including:

  • Free Domain registration for 1st year
  • Free SSL for lifetime
  • Global CDN included
  • 50 GB SSD space
  • Automated Daily Malware Scan
  • Unmetered amount of bandwidth

Believe me; this is probably the cheapest cost you will ever observe anyplace on the web. So it’s an awesome offering in case you are planning to move to an affordable hosting provider . 


Amazing Uptime Guarantee

Site uptime is another most important element to look at at the time of looking for a web host. Keep in mind that the Internet users as well as your potential clients can not access the site that is down. So getting consistent uptime from your web host should be a top priority of yours.

Shockingly, this is the one more place where Bluehost truly exceeds expectations at. It is continuously keeping an uptime of 99.99 about the past 24 months. 

Newbies Friendly Hosting

A few of the biggest hosting players on the web are perfect for expert users. As an example CloudWays, DigitalOcean, LiquidWeb are extremely outstanding if you are technically expert. Nonetheless, their interface isn’t friendly for novices and non-technical users. Therefore as a newbie, you’ll see it exceptionally tough to build a site, app on these web hosts. 

The control panel tool offered by Bluehost India is very easy to use. Additionally it contains the features which are suitable for both new and expert users.

For the ease of users there is an easy to use script installer tool, so that they can easily install WordPress and get online in a few minutes. Apart from this there is an outstanding site builder available with professional and eye-catching themes.


High Flexibility and Enhanced Scalability

Bluehost India is one of the biggest hosting brands in India and accordingly, they made it unbelievably simple to upgrade your web hosting plans once the site of yours exceeds the resources available in your current plan. Therefore you will not have to locked up with a gigantic spike in site traffic/visitors. 

You can without putting much effort move to a higher level hosting plan, or to a new plan, such as moving from from shared to VPS or Managed WordPress to Dedicated servers.

The support team of Bluehost India is always available to help you with anything related to your site, hosting account and server.


World-Class Customer Support

Maybe, client service and assistance is not a thing that you are going to use normally, be that as it may, when there is a situation or circumstances, you will absolutely need an expert to help you out. Even though Bluehost customer support service is not utterly superior, yet they are still good compared to others like HostGator India. 

The main focus of Bluehost is on customer support services. These days they are giving support through various mediums such as Live chat, Telephone, email and social media assistance. The easiest method to connect with client service is through the telephone. Also, Bluehost India will consistently be ready to help once you contact them. 

Despite the fact that, you may be required to be put on hold for some of the time, subject to the volume of calls they are receiving at that specific point. However, you can make certain to speak to an expert who will help fix your concern in the end. 

Apart from the above support mediums, there is a huge library of support related articles, tutorials, and how-to guides for your self-help.encounter along the way.


Better Security Options

Indeed, even as an inexpensive hosting arrangement, we are glad to find that isn’t compromising on the security options. With their hosting packages you will be given access to numerous security tools such as global CDN and SSL security certificate.

Furthermore, every service offered by them includes a domain privacy alternative, which is crafted  to shield your own data and details from others. This amazing feature keeps online criminals and hackers away from finding and utilizing this data for suspicious activities. You can choose to use SiteLock, which assists with shielding your website/app or blog from malware/virus attacks. Unfortunately, these attempts generally happen on WordPress-based sites. 

There’s additionally the CodeGuard option, which is very useful to backup your databases. With this feature, regardless of whether your site gets compromised by hackers, you can rapidly restore its past available versions and disgrace the web hackers. 


Authorized Hosting by

WordPress is a widely accepted CMS platform available on the web, used by millions of sites and businesses. I am damn sure you already know this.Nonetheless, one more amazing thing is that Bluehost India is one of the officially recommended hosts to create a WordPress powered website/blog, along with SiteGround and Dreamhost.  You can without any worry make use of any hosting service to create a WordPress based site. 


Decent Money-back Guarantee

Bluehost additionally provides its clients with a decent money-back guarantee with 30 days refund policy. While it is not such a long time when contrasted with few other providers such as inMotion 90 days money-back, Dreamhost 97 days long money-back guarantee and 45 days long refund policy with HostGator, it’s despite everything sufficiently long to choose if you really like their hosting service or not. 

In case you cancel your service within the first 30 days of time duration, you will be given a full refund of your money. There is a prorated refund after 30 days.

Few Things That Could Be Improved About Bluehost 

Bluehost is a great web host with numerous amazing features and highlights. Nonetheless, it’s despite everything lacking in three significant things. We should take a look at them underneath: 


Higher Hosting Renewal Prices

While offers amazingly low hosting rates, their renewal prices are  truly something different. This is the thing that is normal in the business however, yet it’s still an issue. 

To attract more customers, many hosting companies use the low cost introductory strategy, although you will come to know the real cost when your account is up for renewal. Same thing goes with Bluehost Hosting.

Hence, while thinking about whether to go for Bluehost India, remember that you will have to pay more once your initial period is completed. 

But I would suggest you sign up for a longer duration to take the advantages of introductory cost, consider going to atleast 3 years billing cycle. Thus, you will even be sparing more  cash on hosting.


Unavailability of  Free Website Migrations

Many reliable hosts such as Hostinger, A2 Hosting and FastComet offer free website migration service along with hosting plans and this is the place where Bluehost simply lacks because it doesn’t offer free site migration. 

In case you wish to transfer your hosting account to them, you need to take care of the migration related tasks.

Bluehost India vs the most recent edition of Bluehost global. Due to the growing number of Indian customers, it is launched by EIG (Endurance International Group) to serve the Indian customers.

The thought behind starting India Bluehost site is to serve the India specific audience from Indian servers so that they can experience the enhanced server performance. We can say that is one of the reliable hosting option in India. 


Conclusion – BlueHost India Review 2021 is an amazing choice for Indian Bloggers, webmasters and business owners at budget price. There is an option to pay for your hosting services using various payment options. One of the best thing is that one can buy hosting from Bluehost India without a credit card. Bluehost has been one of the most trusted hosting brands, our team of hosting experts is always monitoring the services offered by them. We have recommended their services and products to several of our readers and don’t want them to get into trouble in case Bluehost dropped the standard of their performance and service. So far BlueHost India is a great option for hosting a website and their shared and WordPress hosting plans are best and recommend choices for bloggers. 


Bluehost India FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where are servers located?

Bluehost India servers are located in Mumbai, India.


Does Bluehost offer money back guarantees?

Yes, Bluehost offers 30 days money-back guarantee on all hosting services that means in case you cancel account within first 30 days of signing up, you will be eligible to get the full refund of your hosting signup fee only. They will not refund the money of domain registration


Which Bluehost India Hosting Plan is Best?

There’s no perfect answer to this question because it totally depends on your needs. In case you wish to build a small business website or blog, then we would recommend you opt their Basic shared hosting plan.


Does Bluehost offer a free SSL & Domain Name?

Yes, Bluehost offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL with all hosting plans as well as free domain name for 1st year of hosting purchase


What are the Best Alternative to Bluehost India Hosting?

The best alternatives to are Hostinger India, FastComet and A2 Hosting.


Can I Upgrade my Hosting Plan Later?

Yes you can upgrade your hosting plan anytime, This is the reason we recommend to start with basic hosting package and upgrade to a top tier plan later.

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    Now after using them for few months I felt that their services is quite good compare to previous web host.
    I don’t have huge technical knowledge about WordPress. That’s why I rely on the BlueHost WordPress experts team to deliver results and they never disappoints. Whenever I faced any issue so far, their support team has helped me.

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