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Web Hosting Comparison Chart India 2021

We precisely look at the hosting industry’s dominant companies based on the elements that have great significance. Discover who is least expensive, which one offers outstanding support service, and which is perfectly suitable for your website/business in our detailed website hosting comparison chart.

Before you sign up for the web hosting service, it is always recommended to compare price of various web hosting service providers. SO because of this, we have brought this Web Hosting Comparison page. On this page, all popular web hosting companies and their web hosting packages are enlisted. It will be easier for you to choose one of the best hosting packages after you compare. Here you get detailed information about hosting prices, features, value added services, moneyback guarantee, technical support, server uptime and much more.

  Bluehost Hostinger FastComet A2
OVERALL RATING 4.9 4.8 4.7 4.6
cPanel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Backups No Yes Yes Yes
Average Uptime 99.99% 99.99% 99.98% 99.98%
Starter Plan ₹199 ₹59 $2.95 ₹220
Overall Rating 4.9
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Compare Web Hosting India Services

Comparison of The 10 Best Web Hosting Providers in India

  1. Bluehost: Best Overall Hosting Service Provider
  2. Hostinger: Best for Low-Cost
  3. Fastcomet: Best for Reliable Hosting
  4. A2 Hosting: Best for Low-Cost Cloud Hosting
  5. GreenGeeks: Best eco-friendly, Green hosting
  6. HostGator: Best for Additional Features
  7. InMotion: Best for SSD Shared & VPS Hosting
  8. iPage: Best for Cheap Unlimited Hosting Plans
  9. Godaddy: Best for starting a new website
  10. HostPapa: Burn Your Pocket with Costly Renewals

On the basis of our analysis, Bluehost is the #1 recommended hosting service provider! The hosting packages offered by them includes outstanding combination of highlights, customer support and uptime, at a reasonable price. Bluehost.com is also the top suggested web host for WordPress website owners, which is a point to consider in case you are making use of the prevalent CMS to create your website. 

Hostinger India is the 2nd reliable host after Bluehost, and they have stunned us with their amazing server uptime score of 99.99%, this implies the sites hosted with Hostinger India should run without problems and experience least downtime. FastComet placed at an entirely good 3rd spot, taking the title for top shared and best WordPress hosting with its amazing offerings.

Web Hosting Comparison – How to find the right Hosting Plan for your online project

First of all you should understand finding a right Web Hosting plan is a bit difficult task. It is always recommended to choose the best and reliable web hosting service when your business is concerned. Does Reference and Recommendation is the only solution? Yes, Reference plays an important role, but considering the different attributes and advantages on your own would really help you to make a perfect choice that matches your needs. So, here we have listed real customer reviews, ratings and a comparison of various top hosting companies that make it very easy to select the right hosting service or hosting provider to suit your needs well.

On this page we are going to explain about How to Choose a Web Hosting Service that perfectly matches your business needs.

Should Know Your Own Hosting Requirements:

Always begin with a rough calculation of what kind of website you want to create or host? Does your website need any special Applications? Does it require any particular Software? How emulative your website can go? So it is recommended to know your hosting requirements before you could invest your money and host a website for your business.

Server Uptime Statistics:

Each and Every web hosting provider has some downtime, so to imagine your web page without downtime is unnatural. So, relying on your business requirements, a little server downtime might not affect you business but for many large businesses and E-commerce sites having even a moment of downtime results in million of rupees loss in business.

Web Space and Bandwidth:

Always make sure that you get enough web space and bandwidth/transfer, to be capable to handle the traffic and visitors on your website as well as any kinds of media files such as images, video etc. that you might be going upload to your website too, because what might occur is if you overreach your data transfer or bandwidth limits, you might wind up with having your web page close down. There are few restrictions such as inode limit if it exceeds will lead to account termination. It is advisable that you get to know the characteristics, benefits and drawbacks of hosting service before you could really get into violation property.

Choices of Multiple Add-on Domains:

Normally, many top web hosting companies provide minimum 20- 25 Add-on Domains option under one account. So, make sure when you buy hosting plan, always look for the ability of the domain, because to host extra domains you need more hosting server space.

Upgradation Options:

Mainly there are four types of Hosting solutions available, they are: Shared, VPS, Dedicated & Cloud. In each type the advantages and changes for the improvement of something for your website. At a point of time you may require to add more website, MySQL Databases, Addon domains or Parked Domains, it is possible by upgrading the server or hosting.

Most of hosting companies in India, at the beginning phase of buying the hosting service you will be provided with lots more discount and deals to reduce the hosting charges. Although, before you could buy Web hosting plan, get an idea of renewal cost and you fine with renewal charges.
Always opt for a Hosting service which comes with a trail for certain duration to try-out their services and various offers and at the certain point of time if you feel unsatisfied with the service given, you can cancel your hosting account and get your money back.

E-Commerce Attributes:

If you are planning to start an E-commerce site or online store, than it is very crucial for you to select the best hosting plan which has amazing E-commerce features and excellent support. Attributes for example SSL/digital Certificate, Shopping Cart, Dedicated IP, and one-click applications installation are essential for an Ecommerce website.

Eco/Environment Friendliness:

Keeping an environment and nature friendly web page and a non-environment-friendly web page actually has much more difference. Therefore, if you do care of Mother Nature, pick a website host service that operates on renewable or wind energy. Such as iPage, Fatcow and Greengeeks.

Multiple Email Accounts:

Almost each and every hosting companies in India have this choice, however just to make sure that you be on the safer side. Prior to signing up with any host service, you should know the obstacle and restriction of creating email id’s for your business purpose.
Just to be on the safest side, it’s recommended to have website backup on regular basis, when the a web server is crashed the complete website database will be destroyed. Few web hosting companies do not backup your website on a daily basis. So ensure that select the hosting company that provides daily website backup option.
With the help of a user friendly Control Panel most of the job such as uploading, modifying, creating will be done easily with the help of easy to use Control Panel. A few of the best Control Panel’s are industries well known cPanel and Plesk panel however these are a third party services, these are very easy to access, dependable and solid.

Live Chat Option:

Nothing is worst than having you website get down frequently and have to wait for a long time to get response from hosting technical team by Email.

Selecting a Type of Website Hosting

There are various sorts of web hosting plans and services available, however most websites will be best performed by one of the 2 well known types of hosting services : shared and VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server).

Shared hosting, in which many user are sharing a single IP address and other computing resources such as server space and memory, is an economical and well known choice. It is an ideal option for personal blogs, small business websites and non-profit-making bodies.

Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) gives you enough control, as well as an individual unique IP for you and a substantial piece of server and computing resources. This option generally the ideal choice for bigger firms and institutions.

Determining by the type of website, and how much visitors and traffic you suppose to your website, you can easily filter the list above for the kind of hosting plan you are searching for. From there you can cut it down depending on the particular details such as like how expandable the hosting plan is, how they manage website traffic spikes, and the overall charges of bandwidth.

Read Some Online Reviews

Might be a web hosting provider looks good in their feature list and pricing doesn’t mean they are. Read the users reviews and experts opinions in our review segment and watch which hosting companies are hard to deal with and which ones are friendly. At some point of time you will get into troubles, so pay huge attention to online reviews that describe experiences people have gained with customer service and support.


For what reason did we pick these website hosting services?  Well, the main reason behind this is that they are the best of the rest service providers! We would prefer not to burn through your time by looking at pricey, untrustworthy and poor quality services, so here we are just presenting to you the best of all. 

The web hosting comparison table shared on this page gives you a brief overview of 4 top web hosts: Bluehost, Hostinger, FastComet and A2 Hosting. However, there are several others around here, and the one that fits your needs probably is not listed here, due to this reason we have listed our top 10 best hosting companies above to assist you with finding your ideal choice. 

At the time of making comparisons of hosting companies, the prime point is to consider the hosting features generally relevant to you in order to serve the motive of your business. Do you really have the requirement of unlimited bandwidth? Does your website need a huge amount of web space? Or on the other hand would you say you are after Virtual Private Server, Dedicated server or cloud web hosting particularly? Perhaps you are looking for a high quality WordPress hosting service, or a web host to assist your eCommerce site/online store. 

No matter what your needs are, there’s always a provider to fulfill those needs.

In the event that you need more details, look at our detailed website hosting review page which contains additional details about every single web host. In case you wish to get direct to the point, check out the list of best website hosting services here.

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