Kinsta Review for 2021: Is It Really Good & Worth The Money?

Are you searching for the fastest and reliable WordPress hosting provider? Would you want somebody to deal with the security as well as maintenance of your WordPress website? 

If it is true, then Kinsta could be only the fully Managed WordPress hosting provider you’ve been searching for for your site requirements. 
Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Review 2021
In this unbiased review, we not just describe the different features you get access to, we additionally show the loading time of Kinsta servers. In addition, we will share the uptime statistics of Kinsta hosting.

Dissimilar to some other Kinsta hosting reviews available online as well as other web hosting reviews unfamiliar to Kinsta, we at WebHostingDekho have separately paid for analysis that put our WordPress based test website hosted on Kinsta servers via their paces, making use of world-class services for example Pingdom and Bitcatcha to collect important details and reveal the entire story behind Kinsta’s claims. In case you are not the kind of individual who’s effectively influenced by promotional tricks as well as eye catching websites, at that point the information provided in this review will assist you with settling on an educated choice on whether Kinsta hosting services are perfect for your site.

So in case you are searching for the best managed WordPress hosting, or you are simply keen on discovering what premium hosting companies like Kinsta have to bring to the table, this detailed review is made for you.

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All About Kinsta WordPress Hosting

Kinsta were founded in 2013 and since then they have been Working smarter to become the choice for WordPress site owners and webmasters who are ready to look further than promotional campaigns and reasonable costs to locate a quick and safe place for their website or blog.

That does not mean to mention the $30/month starter level offered by Kinsta is not inexpensive in comparison to other superior managed WordPress hosting providers, it is only that this is not affordable and budget-friendly hosting.

What you get access for the money you pay is a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. This implies Kinsta not just handles certain parts of dealing with a WordPress site/blog for you, however they likewise host your WordPress powered site in an environment that is crafted for WordPress specific sites. 

Because of this, activities like protecting, regularly backing up, caching, updations/upgradations of your WordPress site are taken care of by Kinsta. This is not only going to save your precious time, but it lessens the chance of something turning out badly in case you are not aware about the manner in which WordPress works. 

By opting Kinsta Managed WordPress hosting, you can anticipate quicker site loading times, along with very rare downtime as well as very less performance related issues contrasted with traditional hosting service. 

Besides, as Kinsta just provides web hosting for WordPress based sites, the entirety of their support staff members are exceptionally competent at aiding WordPress users, as well as are likewise specialists at tackling issues identified with this product. A few of the support executives are even regular contributors of the WordPress community. 

Despite the fact that there are presently numerous organizations giving managed WordPress web hosting, as we are going to investigate in this detailed review, Kinsta hosting do have a couple of differences from different web hosts functioning in this industry.

Let’s get started…

What Can You Expect From Kinsta?

In the event that quick loading times, rare server downtime, less site administrations related tasks to deal with, at that point Kinsta could be the correct hosting choice for you. To check whether that is the situation, we should look at precisely what you can expect when you buy hosting from Kinsta.

Website Staging Service For WordPress 

All hosting services offered by Kinsta are packed with staging service, by using this service, you can try new plugins, try new customizations, tested coding and programming parts before publishing your site on the web in just a single click of mouse.

Web developers and coders ought to enjoy the capacity to switch between various PHP versions, trouble-free restarting of the PHP engine, and entry to the New Relic PHP tracking tool. Additionally there’s a search-and-replace highlight that is available from the Kinsta hosting management dashboard for making alterations to the contents of your WordPress powered site database.

Utilization Of The Google Cloud Platform

The primary concern that distinguishes Kinsta from the majority of managed WordPress hosting service providers is their utilization of the Google Cloud Platform (CGP). This implies WordPress sites/blogs are hosted on the framework designed and supported by Google LLC, utilized by top organizations like Spotify, HTC, Philips, Coca-Cola etc. to give some examples. 

Being a Google Cloud powered service enable Kinsta to host the websites on an advanced infrastructure with the option of 24 worldwide server locations and many other are coming soon in the various regions around the world including Warsaw (Poland), Doha (Qatar), Toronto (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Delhi (India), Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Santiago (Chile), as well as Madrid (Spain). The exceptionally easy to scale hardware of the GCP guarantees your site consistently approaches the resources it requires to deliver a smooth ease of operation for your audience. For instance, in case your site becomes viral online, automated scaling guarantees your website/blog will be able to tackle any sudden increase in the traffic/visitors. 

Automated WordPress Website Data Backups

As referenced, automated regular backups of WordPress sites are an important element of Kinsta hosting. Automated site backups are stored for minimum 14 on their started plan and and more on the higher level hosting plans. Restoring data backups is quite simple, with the alternative of deploying them to your live website or to the trial version. 

Additionally by paying monthly charges you can get access to hourly or six hour website backups. Apart from this you can physically take website backups in just one click of mouse and store them on your system. 

Technical Features Of Managed WordPress Hosting Offered By Kinsta

In this part of this Kinsta Review, we are going to answer the questions you might have in your mind as well as the technical features of the service offered by them.

  • Free Website Migration: Available with all managed WordPress hosting plans.
  • Website Cache: 4 different types of website cache available, which includes server-level cache as well as custom designed WordPress cache plugin.
  • Staging Environment: Every hosting plan comes with the option to stage a website with 1-click roll-out to the live website.
  • Access to CDN: In the entry level plan, There is a availability of 50 GB of KeyCDN utilization every month, more on the top level hosting plans.
  • Data center/Server locations: Data centers are available in the 24 regions to choose from including US, UK, Asia, Europe.
  • Multiple Versions of PHP: Option to easily switch the PHP version (5.6, 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 or ) with the click of mouse.
  • Free Hack Clean up: In case your site is hacked, the support team of Kinsta will try to clean it for free of cost.
  • WordPress Site Management: freedom to update WordPress plugins via Kinsta account dashboard.
  • Free SSL: Option to use free SSL certificate offered by Let’s Encrypt or freedom to install any other SSL.
  • Restrictions on Plugin: Kinsta has a list of banned plugins that can impact the performance of your site.
  • SFTP: Access to secure FTP given so that you can securely upload and edit the files of your website.
  • Security standards: numerous security standards are deployed to keep your site protected which contains blocking of GeoIP, self-healing of PHP, DDoS monitoring, GCP firewall and many more.
  • Access to Database: phpMyAdmin is utilized to access the database of WordPress site databases by means of a browser.
  • Uptime monitors: the status of your WordPress website is monitored continuously every 5 minutes to permit the support experts to react to any cases of downtime that are identified.
  • Email solution: Email service is not available with any of the hosting plans offered by Kinsta; Google Workspace (Formerly known as G Suite) is the recommended choice.
  • Visitor/Traffic analytics: With the help of Kinsta dashboard, you can find the visitors data of your site.
  • Customer support channels: An availability of 24*7 live chat support channel as well as support ticket system, but no telephone support available at present.

Discover more about the features of Kinsta hosting here.

Kinsta Hosting Management Dashboard

With regards to dealing with your hosting account, Kinsta have crafted their own custom management dashboard. The management portal of Kinsta is much easier to explore, which enables you to execute tasks, for example updations of plugins installed on your wordpress site,creating new sites/bogs, taking backups and many more. 

Apart from this you can also the statistics of resources usage and find out how much you have consumed from the allocated quota, as well as view and analyze the web page visitors with the help of Kinsta dashboard.

WordPress Installation & Set up

Once you have registered with Kinsta WordPress hosting, you need to sign in to the custom control panel tool with the help of username and password and start creating your WordPress site. The creation process of WordPress sites is very simple, all you have to do is perform a few mouse clicks and you will have a brand new website ready for action.

In case you are planning to host multiple websites with a Kinsta hosting account then you can manage all websites through the similar hosting dashboard.

After login into your hosting Kinsta dashboard, you can easily contact the support team of Kinsta via live chat accessible 24*7. As Kinsa doesn’t offer support through telephone, you can get support using the ticket system.

Review of Kinsta Hosting Performance

The main and most prominent reason to choose Kinsta’s premium WordPress hosting is the extremely faster loading speed you can hope for.

Nonetheless, with different hosting providers presently offering optimized hosting solutions for WordPress, just picking a hosting plan promoted as managed  WordPress web hosting does not ensure magnificent website loading speed.

To guide you with choosing whether Kinsta conveys the standards of performance you are searching for, we at WebHostingDekho have completed a few tests. These tests revealed how quick a site loaded hosted on Kinsta servers, how much site downtime happened over a specific period of duration, as well as how well several concurrent visitors were taken care of. 

Kinsta Loading Time Analyses

As we all know, speed is everything for a website that is online.

A quicker page loading time not just relates with increased conversion rate, increased visitor time and excellent bounce rates, but additionally excellent boost in the SEO performance. 

To discover about the loading time of Kinsta, we used Bitcatcha speed test tool and the results we got ae given below in the form of screenshot:
Kinsta Server Response time
We were extremely glad to find out the host server response time scored an A+ rating! 

The recommended server time by giant search engine Google is 200 ms and anything more than this can cause considerable lag for your potential visitors.

 Note: Keep in mind that we didn’t use CDN caching or any other optimizations tools offered by Kinsta but it is recommended to take the advantage of the optimization tools offered by Kinsta in order to improve the loading time.

Overall, Kinsta may not be the best and fastest web hosting service provider we have reviewed and analysed, however it’s undoubtedly in the superior position of web hosts that follow through on excellent speed.

Results of Kinsta Uptime Test 

One more reason to opt premium and fully managed WordPress hosting above low cost and least performance alternatives is decrease in intervals of site downtime and unavailability of it for your visitors. Probably the budget-friendly starter level shared hosting providers offer 99.9% of uptime, while this seems really outstanding on paper, longer than a year that goes well to be more than eight hours of site downtime. 

Kinsta too has a guarantee of 99.99% uptime, with an assurance of cash off your bill in case the uptime goes down this assured level. Although, while doing our tests, Pingdom tool reported an amazing uptime of 100% over a 30 days term. 

Despite the fact that Kinsta doesn’t ensure 100% server uptime, we did not encounter any downtime during our trial. The equivalent could not be mentioned of Bluehost, Hostinger, or A2 Hosting in comparable tests we did already, where these cost effective hosting service providers encountered a few minutes of server downtime each. 

Details of Kinsta Hosting Pricing 

Kinsta have total of 10 best hosting plans (1 Starter and Pro Plan, 4 Business Plans, 4 Enterprise Plans). Discover more about Kinsta Pricing here.

  • Starter Plan: This plan contains 1 WordPress installation, 25,000 monthly Visits, 10 GB of disk space, and Free SSL & CDN.
  • Pro Plan: Contains 2 WordPress installs, 50,000 monthly visits, 20 GB disk space, Free SSL and CDN.
  • Business 1 Plan: Includes 5 WordPress installations 100,000 monthly visits, 30 GB of disk space, free SSL & CDN. Costs $100/month.
  • Business 2 Plan: 10 WordPress installations, 250,000 monthly visits, 40 GB of disk space. Costs $200/month.
  • Business 3 Plan: 20 WordPress installs, 400,000 monthly visits, 50 GB disk space, which costs $300/month.
  • Business 4 Plan: 40 WordPress installs, 600000 visits, 60 GB of disk space, which costs $400/month.
  • Enterprise 1 Plan: 60 WordPress installs, 10,00000 visits, 100 GB disk space, which costs $600/month.
  • Enterprise 2 Plan: 80 WordPress installs, 15,00000 visits, 150 GB disk space, which costs $900/month.
  • Enterprise 3 Plan:120 WordPress installs, 20,00000 visits, 200 GB disk space, which costs $1200/month.
  • Enterprise 4 Plan: 150 WordPress installs, 30,00000 visits, 250 GB disk space, which costs $1500/month.

Paying yearly in advance gives you two months of hosting for free, and all 10 plans incorporate a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt along with a CDN. Along with this there is a 30 days long money back guarantee available with all hosting plans to ensure you risk free trial of Kinsta hosting.

Every one of the hosting plans comes with the same infrastructure, based on the Google Cloud Platform (CGP). This implies upgrading to higher plans only rise the quantity of allowed WordPress installs, site’s monthly visits as well as web space quota, instead of improving site performance, similar to the case with some other hosting companies.

Final Thoughts: Is Kinsta WordPress Hosting worth the money?

After reading this Kinsta review, you must have understood that Kinsta offers an extremely fast managed WordPress hosting solution with outstanding server uptime, loading speed as well as power to handle several simultaneous visitors.

Additionally you get access to many amazing and worthy features such as automated WordPress backups, site security monitoring service, WordPress staging environment and many more. Kinsta support staff members are very knowledgeable, helpful as well as very sensible, which can be accessed using live chat and available 24/7 in your service.

Therefore, in case you are searching for an amazingly quick, more reliable web hosting solution for your WordPress site or blog or just wish to start a new website o a fully managed WordPress hosting environment then Kinsta is a highly recommended option for you.

In case you are still in confusion, because of the 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, you could generally join Kinsa hosting and migrate your website to the staging environment offered by them. You would then be able to see with your own eyes how rapidly your website loads, with the choice of getting a full refund of your money in case you are not satisfied or content with the service you receive.

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