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Hostinger was founded in 2014 and located in Kaunas, Lithuania and crossed the milestone of 1 million clients in 2011. From that time, Hostinger has developed to incorporate various branches, powered by the world class data centers located in the 7 countries around the world, at present they are serving around 29 million clients/websites with nearly 10K new signups on a daily basis. Hostinger’s user-friendly dashboard interface, one-click installer, super-fast server response times, and nearly outstanding uptime available at an incredibly reasonable cost that makes it one of the best value-for-money hosting options for beginners.
In case you are in the starting phase, you do not have to give a second thought regarding anything when opting Hostinger.

Reviews And Expert Opinion – Hostinger

Hostinger was founded in 2014 and located in Kaunas, Lithuania and crossed the milestone of 1 million clients in 2011. From that time, Hostinger has developed to incorporate various branches, powered by the world class data centers located in the 7 countries around the world, at present they are serving around 29 million clients/websites with nearly 10K new signups on a daily basis.

Hostinger global is most popular due to its reasonable costs and broad range of features and tools, however similar to other hosting providers, Hostinger also has a few hosting disadvantages should be taken into account. Stay with us to understand whether Hostinger is the perfect hosting option for your site

Cost is frequently a factor with regards to picking a reliable hosting service. But sometimes you might be enflunded to neglect a poor list of features to get a hosting plan with your budget, therefore doing some research and exploration is most important. This Hostinger review will give you the information and detail you needed to make a wise decision.

In a short duration of time, Hostinger has grown from a small hosting company to a bigger hosting brand serving more than 29 million users around the world. Additionally, Hostinger has made its server status open for general viewing and their server uptime is consistently robust.

It is not a big surprise that this is an attractive alternative to so numerous new online business owners.

In this detailed review of Hostinger Global, we are going to take a closer look at the factors like plan features and performance, to guide you with choosing whether this host is worth your consideration. Let us begin now!

Hostinger 80%+7%
Up to 80% off + Extra 7% OFF All Plans
- Free Domain (Except Starer Plan)
- SSD Storage
- Unlimited Free SSL
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- Free Domain (Except Starer Plan)
- SSD Storage
- Unlimited Free SSL
- Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
- 1-click WordPress installs
- Free Website transfer
- Daily/Weekly Backups
- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Hostinger Hosting Plans and Features

Hostinger provides its users with 4 different kinds of hosting services: shared, WordPress, cloud, and Virtual Private Servers. Shared hosting is a perfect alternative for beginner websites, WordPress hosting is an outstanding option for blogging websites, VPS and Cloud hosting is perfect for the websites that need more resources and computing power.

Hostinger has got 4.9 rating out of 5 for all types of hosting, it failed to get 5 stars because it does not offer dedicated server hosting.

Quick Look of Hostinger Hosting Plans

Consider each pan as an umbrella. Under each, there are various hosting plans you can browse depending on the need of your site and budget. Features differ across hosting plans, however in this post we have separated the features of each plan.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans & Features

Shared hosting is one of the most cost effective and an easy alternative to start a website. The shared service offered by Hostinger is user-friendly, safe and many essential tools will be provided to you in the package you purchase.

Do you think Hostinger is not quite good for your site? Discover the list of top 10 Best Shared Hosting providers you can choose for your website.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plan & Features

The WordPress hosting solution offered by Hostinger is based on shared servers but these packages are optimized to run WordPress CMS.

There are numerous positive reviews about Hostinger’s WordPress hosting services from their customers, therefore you can likewise suspect impressive usability when you buy a WordPress hosting plan.

Are you an experienced developer/skilled web master? choose from the list of 5 Best WordPress Hosting Service Providers to give your site a perfect start.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans & Features

Though shared web hosting plans mean different sites sharing one physical server, cloud powered hosting plans imply that your website/blog is hosted in the cloud environment, a service that runs on various servers connected to each other.

All Cloud hosting plans of Hostinger contain a dedicated IP address, full root access, SSL certificate, unlimited data transfer, and a free website domain name is also included.

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Hostinger VPS Plans & Features

VPS is known for its virtual nature that mimics a dedicated web server, which means you are given a lot of the advantages of dedicated server resources, however at much lower cost.

The Virtual Private Server plans offered by Hostinger accompanied a custom control panel tool, auto script/app installers and operating systems, and up to 160GB dedicated RAM.

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Windows VPS Hosting Plans

Windows VPS plans are the best type of hosting for sites and apps that use Microsoft Windows specific tools and languages. Windows web servers are a great alternative in contrast to famous Linux hosting servers, which the entirety of the Hostinger hosting plans we discussed above are run on.

Email Hosting Plans

Email hosting is a type of Internet service that runs on email servers. It works separately from web hosting service, and empowers your site/blog to utilize domain-specific email addresses, for example, Getting a domain based email id gives your site trustworthiness/reliability, and in case you are running a web based business website/online store, it gives clients another justification to confide in your business or website.

Minecraft Server Hosting

The Minecraft server hosting solution offered by Hostinger allows the users to play the well known computer games on a multiplayer server. You are allowed to browse from the five unique plans, all of which incorporate instant account setup, a mobile application, Mod support, Automatic Off-Site Backups and PCI-DSS Compliant.

Quick Look of Hostinger’s Pricing

At last, we reach the cost section of this Hostinger review. For some,might be you or me, this is going to be one of the crucial elements at the time of choosing a website hosting provider. Ultimately, outstanding hosting service will not help you very much in the event that it breaks you financially.

In view of that, has some shockingly cost-effective packages for the services it offers. For instance, a basic shared hosting begins at just $0.99/mo with limited time offer for your first billing cycle.

Below is the brief summary of the Hostinger’s least expensive starting costs, which generally display a four year subscription:

Shared hosting – Single plan: $0.99/month
VPS hosting : VPS 1 plan: $3.95/month
WordPress hosting : Single plan: $1.99/month
Cloud hosting : Startup plan: $9.99/month
MineCraft Hosting : Alex plan: $8.95/month
After looking at the above pricing structure you can understand why we named Hostinger as great for discounted costs!

Pros of Using Hostinger Hosting

Hosting with unlimited resources or free hosting solutions don’t mean anything in case your website can not stay up and running all the time.

While testing the Hostinger hosting we found our test site extremely fast and there is a consistent availability of support team.

Let’s figure out what else they dominate in.

Extremely Fast Load Time

Quick web page loading times are essential for every site user’s experience with a personal as well as business website.

Have you at any point of time made an effort to open a website just to stall out trusting that the webpage will load for seemingly ages?

All of us have faced it.

Additionally, you likely did not stay for a long duration. On the off chance that a site takes over three seconds to load, more than 30% of internet users leave it.

Being a leader in the hosting industry, Hostinger global have servers in multiple locations including Asia, USA, UK, Europe etc. Every server is allegedly connected with a 1000 Mbps powerful connection, which guarantees that loading times of websites are stable.

How did they perform in our checks?

In our tests Hostinger has given a loading time of 178ms in the last 12 months duration. They are much faster compared to the other popular web hosting brands around the world.

Excellent Uptime Guarantee

Some people and website owners out there pay huge attention to server uptime guarantee, however to us at WebHostingDekho it can represent the deciding moment of our thoughts on a hosting service provider. Online business websites have to be up and running all the time, as a small moment of downtime can lead to huge loss in revenue and sales.

Lengthy downtimes can prompt websites losing SERP position on search engines like Google and Bing, which is not good for business owners.

While few hosting providers give server uptime guarantee, few of them can be somewhat questionable. We went through the TOS usage of Hostinger and found that there is nothing doubtful in their TOS.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Hostinger offers a 30 days long money-back guarantee for all hosting services. Therefore you can try their services and ask for the refund in case you find any performance related issue with their service.

Keep in mind that not every product of service is refundable. You can get full refund for the hosting services but services like domain name registration,privacy protection, SEO tools etc. are non-refundable. It is recommended to read the terms and conditions before signing up.

Hostinger offers various payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Maestro, Diners club, Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can choose any payment based on your ease and comfort.

24/7 Customer Support

Client support service can either be a reason for success and failure of a hosting service.

In the event that your website is down/offline for reasons unknown and you can’t connect with a customer care staff as fast as possible, you may miss out on a huge load of conversions.

In this segment also, Hostinger didn’t disappoint us. The organization offers a professional support staff, live chat system, and they have incorporated Intercom as their primary support system.

One thing you should keep in mind is that their Live Chat support is only available if you are a customer of Hostinger and have signed in into your account.

Getting to the live chat system is very simple. Whenever you have signed in there is promptly a symbol in the bottom of the right side of the page.

We posed some technical inquiries related to server and hosting and got proficient responses from the client assistance representative.

Hostinger additionally has a massive knowledge base section with articles and tutorials that are detailed, and you can get solutions for almost every question/query that arise in your mind by yourself.

Free Domain Name and Website Builder Tool

Hostinger provides a free site builder tool with all hosting packages. You are given access to numerous templates to choose from so that you can design a professional website on your own.

Apart from the site builder tool, there is a availability of free domain name with Premium and Business shared hosting plans, Cloud hosting and VPS hosting plans, which is going to save you a decent amount of cash.

User-Friendly Interface

Hostinger hosting comes with an advanced, simple-to-utilize interface in which you can discover almost everything you require to run a website under one roof.

With the help of their user-friendly hPanel control panel you can manage billing information, account information, manage your domains/websites, email account management, keep an eye on logins, take backups and many more.

They do not offer cPanel but their custom build hPanel is quite the same as cPanel, with the help of large icons, you can do whatever you want to do.

In case you are an advanced user/webmaster, you might miss the cPanel tool, but for newbies, the hPanel is quite good in order to set up a website.

Terrific Introductory Price

To wrap things up, Hostinger’s starting costs are truly what sets this web host aside from the other hosting players in the industry. Hostinger hosting comes with the all of the similar features and tools of a premium hosting service, at extremely low cost, their Premium shared hosting plan cost just $2.19 per month as well as their starter level hosting plan costs only $0.99 per month, ath the same time our most beloved web host, Bluehost charges $2.95 monthly for their basic shared hosting plan.

From the cost point of view, we must say that Hostinger offers one of the best value for the money spent in the hosting industry, particularly for the people who are just in the starting phase!

Cons of Using Hostinger Hosting

Till now, we liked almost everything about Hostinger hosting, but practically it is not true. In this world nothing is perfect and the same goes with Hostinger. There are few weaknesses in the hosting services offered by Hostinger which we are going to discuss in the next paragraph.

Absence of Daily Backup

The absence of this essential feature made us extremely upset. We were so habitual with every day data backups of our hosting account with other hosting companies and the absence of it with this web host caused us to feel somewhat unreliable.

Daily backups are not available with their Single and Premium Shared hosting plan but it comes free with their Business shared hosting package. But the cost of their starter level hosting plans is extremely low compared to other top hosting companies. Based on our understanding they actually deserve to make some extra money by offering some paid features and addons.

In case you don’t have money to get daily backup services, no worries, still you get weekly backups included for free with your hosting package.

Lack of Traditional cPanel

Majority of the hosting companies around the world use cPanel as a hosting control panel. Whereas Hostinger has crafted its own easy to use control panel tool named hPanel, for new users this control panel is quite easy compared to any other control panel tool. However if you are an expert web master, you might find yourself unsatisfactory with the dashboard of hPanel tool.

Final Words on Hostinger Hosting

Value for money, solid features and tools make Hostinger an outstanding hosting choice in the industry. However, lack of dedicated server hosting plans and lack of cPanel tool can be a considerable drawback for few users.

However the affordability of Hostinger’s hosting plans (Including VPS, Shared, Cloud and WordPress hosting) really deserve your attention, valuable time as well as hard-earned money.

Hostinger’s Performance has been shockingly outstanding, and keeping in mind that it’s not the feature-rich hosting around, it includes all the features and tools that you actually need to power a fully-functioning website.

Should you opt the services offered by Hostinger? In case you are creating a blogging site, personal website or a small to mid size business web page, then I would give a big yes.

In case you are planning to set up an online store or eCommerce website or any other crucial project, then you can opt their feature-rich Cloud and VPS hosting plans. Anyway if you need an enterprise grade dedicated server hosting solution then you must consider any other host from the list of top dedicated server hosting providers listed here or think that this web host is not suitable for you then look at our list of 10 best web hosting service providers for 2023.


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    Is Hostinger reliable?

    I can say from personal experience that Hostinger is both a reliable company and a great web hosting provider. They have earned the trust of millions of users (including myself), and their billing process is secure and easy to use. They are always their to answer any questions you might have. As for their hosting service, uptime is always above the guaranteed 99.9%.

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    Is Hostinger Hosting safe?

    Hostinger is a pretty safe and secure platform for hosting websites and servers. It includes essential security features like SSL, monitoring, and firewalls, as well as extra layers of protection via Cloudflare and automatic backups.

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    Does Hostinger cost more at the time of renewal?

    If you renew your Hostinger plan, you’ll still be able to save money by choosing one of its long-term plans. However, the cost will be slightly higher than it was before, since you won’t be eligible for the new customer discount anymore.
    Still, Hostinger’s long-term plans are a great deal, so it’s worth considering one of them even if you have to pay a little bit more.

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    Do I need to pay additional charges for backups with Hostinger?

    The Single shared hosting plan includes weekly automated backups. If you need daily backups, you can either pay an extra monthly fee, or opt for the Business shared hosting plan. The Business shared hosting plan includes daily backups for free.

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    Which is the Best Hostinger Hosting Plan?

    It all depends on what you need. If you’re just starting out, then the standard or basic plan would be best. Hostinger has a variety of plans that are designed for specific purposes, so make sure you pick the one that’s right for you. Once you’ve found a plan that meets your needs, go ahead and purchase it.

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    Why is Hostinger hosting so cheap?

    Looking for a great deal on web hosting? Hostinger has some great discounts for new customers, especially if you buy a 48-month hosting plan. Its cheapest single hosting plan includes all the essential features, but lacks few of the premium features available in more expensive hosts. To get amazing deals from Hostinger, visit our coupons page.