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GreenGeeks Review Summary

In 2008, An American businessman Trey Gardner was anxious about how much energy the hosting industry was swallowing year by year. He also predicted that by 2021, the website hosting industry would have a similar carbon imprint as the airline business!
Put forward GreenGeeks, on a purpose to the most environment-friendly hosting service providers around the world.

Currently, GreenGeeks has successfully hosted more than 500000 websites globally. From the last 4 years they have been continuously listed as the Fastest Growing American Companies in INC, so we believe they might be doing something good! But what?

On this page, we are investigating what we really like about them, and what we don’t like. Is this web host any good for your site? Let’s discover.

About GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a Canada based web host founded by Trey Gardner in 2008. At present they have around 40000+ customers and 500000+ websites hosted in their state-of-the-art datacenter facility in Phoenix, US, Montreal, Amsterdam, NL.

Trey the founder and CEO of GreenGeeks has been in the hosting industry since 1999 and has worked directly or indirectly for website hosting providers including iPage, Globat, Hostpapa , Lunarpages, iPowerweb etc.

They have made many claims on their website including:

  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Look at GreenGeeks for resource-rich and world-class hosting services. While the USP of GreenGeeks is 300x sustainable hosting, additionally they offer noteworthy speeds, excellent uptime, customer support accessible 24*7, high reliability, and highlights ideal for newbie site owners as well as small-to-medium size businesses.

GreenGeeks Hosting Plans, Prices & Features

GreenGeeks offer a variety of hosting services, starting from Shared Hosting to Reseller Hosting and VPS to Dedicated Server Hosting.

Let us now take a quick glance at the hosting plans and pricing of GreenGeeks.

  • Shared SSD Hosting – $2.95/month
  • WordPress Hosting – $2.95/month
  • Dedicated Servers – $169/month
  • VPS Hosting – $39.95/month
  • Reseller Hosting – $19.95/month

Shared Hosting Plans

Most importantly, GreenGeeks offer a fair scope of shared server hosting services.

Their shared servers are divided into 3 packages named as Lite, Pro, and Premium packages that should assist you with finding the level that matches your business or site needs.

Managed VPS Hosting

Fast, Reliable & Scalable Managed VPS Hosting Plans are also available with GreenGeeks. Here’s a quick overview of the 3 packages of VPS Hosting:

Dedicated Hosting Plans

GreenGeeks offers high quality dedicated server hosting services at affordable prices. Here’s a quick overview of the 4 packages of Dedicated Servers:

Pros: What We Like About GreenGeeks

There are numerous things which we like about GreenGeeks hosting services, few of these incorporate strong uptime, customer/technical support, and feature-rich hosting plans.

Better Uptime

GreenGeeks has made a strong claim of guaranteed 99.9% server uptime. So now the question arises, have they really met their guarantee?

Yes. Our uptime monitoring of more than 1 year, we found that the average uptime of GreenGeeks is 99.98%. They have performed particularly well in the previous one year, maintaining the uptime of their servers maximum of the time between 99.97-100%.

Here are the month to month statistics of their uptime:

Check it out last 1 year average uptime of GreenGeeks:

  • December (2022) average uptime: 99.99%
  • November (2022) average uptime: 99.99%
  • October (2022) average uptime: 99.99%
  • September (2022) average uptime: 99.99%
  • August (2022) average uptime: 99.98%
  • July (2022) average uptime: 99.97%
  • June (2022) average uptime: 100%
  • May (2022) average uptime: 99.99%
  • April (2022) average uptime: 100%
  • March (2022) average uptime: 100%

Excellent Support

Customer support service was one of the big elements of our review.

When we tried to connect to their support team, we got support in just a few seconds with a very fast reply.

The main issue was that there were some grammatical errors. From our past experience, we were able to manage with that. Support staff may be outsourced to non-local English parties, or the support team representative may be out of energy.

No matter what the reason, generally speaking, we were quite delighted with overall experience. What’s more, our research uncovered that different clients are really pleased with GreenGeeks support as well.

GreenGeeks has a kind 24*7 customer support services team and a broad information base where clients can look for answers to anything related to hosting and servers.

Environment – Friendly Green Hosting

GreenGeeks professes to be a green and eco-friendly web host. Now you might be thinking what does that mean?

Here’s the means by which they describe it:

According to them every amperage they pull from the network, they match 3 times that in the form of renewable energy or sources via Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

They substitute nearly 615,000 kWh per year. To place that in point of view, On average the American normally consumes 12,000 kWh of power for every year.

GreenGeeks is an officially authorized Green Energy Partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the USA.

Fantastic Page Loading Time

We additionally analysed the page loading speed of GreenGeeks during our 12 months monitoring cycle.

Their loading speed is superior, for Bangalore India data center the average speed we got is 324 ms.

Due to this reason they have easily obtained a place in the list of top 10 best and fastest web hosts in India we have reviewed.

Here is the screenshot of GreenGeeks normal loading speed:

Free Domain Name for 1st Year & Website Migration

GreenGeeks gives a free website domain name or transfer. In the event that you get your web domain name registered through them, they will keep it free for the first year of hosting account sign up.

In case your site is at present hosted somewhere else, their team can assist you with moving your website for free of cost to their servers.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

In case you will not feel happy with migrating to GreenGeeks hosting, they have an amazing 30-day money back guarantee on most of the hosting plans.

Different High Standard Server/Data Center Locations

GreenGeeks offers data centers in four locations:

Amsterdam, NL
Montreal, CA
Chicago, US
Phoenix, US
Picking the correct data center location can create a big, favourable effect on your site’s Search Engine Ranking. Additionally, in case you choose a server near to your audience, your audience will experience excellent speed and performance.

GreenGeeks additionally guarantees all its valuable clients that they will stay up with the latest trends.

Free CDN

GreenGeeks provides its customers with a CDN powered by Cloudflare. That is one of the best things for your website optimization, particularly in case you have a worldwide audience.

The best thing is that It’s available for completely free of cost.

Cloudflare permits its clients to cache contents and data as well as use servers nearest to the site audience to get it delivered. Thus, website browsing is a lot quicker for the individuals who go to or access your site.

Cons : What We Hate About GreenGeeks

Below we are going to share few of the weaknesses of GreenGeeks:

Money-Back Guarantee Don’t Include Setup & Domain Registration Fees

With the 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee/refund policy, you can get a complete refund in case you are not satisfied, no inquiries asked.

Though, you won’t be compensated for the account setup charges, domain name registration charges.

In spite of the fact that deducting the charges of domain name registration may appear to be sensible, since you get the opportunity to hold the domain name with you when you leave the service, it does not appear right to charge users the account migration fees in the event that they were eventually unsatisfied with the services they were getting.

Particularly in case GreenGeeks will offer an unconditional money-back guarantee without any inquiries posed.

Cost Increases During Renewal

Web hosting charges/cost has been one of the significant worries for some of our visitors. The introductory prices are available for the 1st billing cycle. At the point when you renew your hosting account after your initial term, the standard rate comes into play.

Although this is a basic practice in the present scenario, we believe it’s a significant wake up call for our users. Large number of users don’t understand they are going to pay increased expenses and they get a sudden shock when they discover the auto-charge on the statement of their credit card.

Verdict : Do We Recommend GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks is on a mission to offer fastest speed, best security, easiest scalability & exceptional support for the best website hosting experience that you have ever had and and we really like that.

They are not certainly the best host we have seen, but rather they do give outstanding speed, amazing uptime, and great client support service.

Hence, you must consider giving them a try.

Just keep in mind that you will have to sign up for a lengthy billing duration in case you wish to grab a maximum discount. As well as the free domain name registration might be not useful if you make up your mind to ask for the refund of your money.

In case you wish to see hosting companies which position above GreenGeeks hosting, look at the list of our best recommended hosts here.


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    Is GreenGeeks a reliable host?

    After huge research, testing, and analysis, our hosting reviewer have given GreenGeeks 4.5/5 ratings based on excellent overall user opinions, affordable pricing, best customer support, and fast response times. Overall, GreenGeeks hosting service is quite reliable and ideal for small size businesses.

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    Is GreenGeeks Hosting Good?

    In case you are searching for eco-friendly (Green) best web hosting service for a small business website, then GreenGeeks web hosting is among the best web hosting solution available there.

    They offers an easy to use control panel for newbie site owners, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, friendly customer support team, and extensive knowledge base tutorials.

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    Where are servers/Data Centers of GreenGeeks located?

    As per the details shared on GreenGeeks website, they have data centers in Chicago, Phoenix, Canada (Toronto and Montreal), and Europe Amsterdam. All data center are powered by green energy and packed with high quality Raid-10 SSD arrays.

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    Where is GreenGeeks located?

    GreenGeeks was founded by Trey Gardner in 2007 and they are Based in Los Angeles, California, city in the U.S.A, the company currently powers over 600,000 websites/blogs and offers 300% green hosting solution.

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    Does GreenGeeks have cPanel?

    Yes, GreenGeeks have cPanel hosting. It is a leading cPanel based web host since 2009.

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