FlyWheel Black Friday 2023: Get 4 Months Hosting Free

Flywheel Black Friday
Flywheel Black Friday Sale 2023
Flywheel is celebrating the beginning of the holiday season early with their CyberWeek deal, which begins today! With promotion code cyberweekend23, your customers can benefit from 4 months free on all NEW yearly plans. This deal is available till November 30, 2023. For more current discounts and offers, visit our deals page.
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Flywheel is giving new sign-ups for its annual hosting plans four whole months free as part of their Cyber Monday deals!

Flywheel Black Friday Deals

Details of Flywheel Cyber Monday Promotion

Deals like this usually don’t last long because Cyber Monday only lasts for a single day, but Flywheel’s kindhearted staff has opted to extend this offer through November 30.

In actuality, you can take advantage of this price right now, without even having to wait for Cyber Monday!

  • Discount: 4 months free on NEW Annual Hosting plans
    Subscription period: TBC
  • Start date: 26th Oct. 2023
  • End date: 30th Nov. 2023
  • Coupon Code: cyberweekend23
  • Complete details: Learn more

Note: *4 months free offer not valid on Tiny Hosting Plans

Details About Cyber Monday

In the USA, Cyber Monday is the most anticipated shopping day. Just one day after Thanksgiving, and already, merchandise is selling out quickly! Everything is selling like hotcakes, with several deals, price reductions, and discounts available. It is not uncommon to come across kind people sleeping outside of stores in order to obtain the goods they need.

Having a Good Feeling About Flywheel

In 2012, three friends realized they could no longer put up with the awful web hosting that was available to them, and they founded Flywheel.

They founded a Managed WordPress Hosting firm because they were tired with complicated user interfaces and superfluous features, and they wanted the platform to be simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, and enable users to get down to work.

They therefore made the decision to begin operating out of their Omaha headquarters, and the rest is, as they say, history.

For You, How Effective Is Flywheel?

Flywheel markets itself as the preferred web server for designers and agencies—and, to be fair, its own website looks pretty great.

We tested their servers using our server speed checker, and although they responded quite quickly in America, they lag a bit in Asia, which negatively impacted their results.

But their lovely custom dashboard and collaboration tools had us completely enamored!

See how they performed in comparison to other web hosting by reading this post!

While Flywheel costs a little more than shared web hosting, you can save money on it with the flywheel black friday, cyber monday, and offers on With Cyber Monday discounts, if you’ve been considering hiring them for some time, don’t hesitate to do so.

FLYWHEEL Black Friday Sale FAQS

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    Do they provide help with migrations?

    Indeed, they do. Website migrations are free of charge within three business days, and expedited migration services are available for just $49 if you need to move your website in less time.

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    When using Flywheel Hosting, how many websites can I host?

    Depending on the plan you select. It provides three WordPress hosting plans, the first of which lets you host a single website and the second of which lets you host up to ten.

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    Does Flywheel provide me access to SSH on my website?

    Nope. Flywheel offers access via SFTP exclusively. If you truly must use SSH to access your website, the support staff can take care of this for you.

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    Does Flywheel provide HTTP/2?

    Flywheel does support HTTP/2. But you have to install SSL certificates in order to take use of this.